Anaheim Payroll Management Services

Payroll processing companies like ADP and Paychex are extremely efficient and effective. That’s why LWI finds it best to partner rather than compete with them. Our Anaheim payroll management services focus on:

  • benefits administration
  • itemized reviews
  • payroll tax compliance

We act as an agent to guarantee consistency and compliance between accounting and payroll systems.

Our payroll consultants serve as a link between your payroll processing company and key management personnel. They work to:

  • minimize payroll processing expenses
  • improve payroll efficiency
  • ensure accurate payroll processing
  • guarantee timely payroll payments
  • advise management on operational decisions

Minimize Payroll Management Expenses

Payroll providers generally handle payment processing, check cutting and direct depositing. But payroll support tasks can be still be demanding of internal accounting resources. These tasks include:

  • managing current employee data
  • reviewing timesheets
  • verifying commissions/incentives
  • tying payroll to reports

LWI provides complete payroll management services to help ease this burden. We work with management and payroll vendors to guarantee accuracy and accountability. Our expertise provides objective insight into the true costs of labor as they relate to the overall financial picture. This enables clients to reduce overhead costs associated with human resources and payroll management.

Increase Payroll Management Efficiency

We provide payroll management services to a multitude of companies in the Anaheim area. This allows us to benefit from an economy of scale, and pass process efficiencies onto our clients.

Our consulting services are provided on an as-needed basis, so there’s no waste. As a result, companies who invest in our Anaheim payroll management services find they have more time for other important business matters.

Calculate Commissions and Bonuses Accurately

Accurate and timely payment of commissions, bonuses, and incentives cannot be compromised. A single missed or miscalculated payment can destroy goodwill and damage employee trust in the fairness and accountability of management.

Engaging a third-party payroll management service such as LWI shows that a company respects and values employee contributions. This positively impacts confidence and performance for all involved.

Make Informed Business Decision

Payroll management is about more than just rewarding employees for job performance. There is a wealth of incredibly valuable data in every company’s payroll system.

Experienced professionals can sort through this data and provide key information related to:

  • expense allocation
  • job costing
  • payroll control systems

This information is then provided to management to help them with their decision-making.

Contact us today to learn more about our Anaheim payroll management services and schedule a free evaluation of your payroll needs – 866-496-2042.