Anaheim Bookkeeping Services

In order to assess the true state of a company’s financial performance at any given time, business owners and management must have access to prompt and efficient financial records. Keeping pace with daily transactions and financial activity can seriously tax the already stretched resources of many small businesses. To address this challenge, LWI offers affordable hourly bookkeeping consulting services to companies in the Anaheim area.

Our bookkeeping services include:

Daily Transaction Entries

Accounts Payable Management

Accounts Receivable and Invoicing

Credit/Debit Account Reconciliations

Report Preparation

We are both Quickbooks and Sage certified, which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the ideal solution for your Anaheim small business. And, because our bookkeeping services are billed hourly (no retainers or bloated charges), we can ensure affordable and efficient work that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Starting with proper entry and tracking of each financial transaction, LWI focuses on the critical details that deliver results. We want our clients to understand the importance of both the accuracy of the end result and the daily processes and systems that produce them.

By carefully outlining, structuring and managing these repetitive tasks, we are able to streamline the entry process and save significant time. This time savings is passed back to key management personnel. These individuals are then free to invest their time in more relevant management and operational functions.


LWI earnestly monitors and manages accounts payables for our clients. This helps them to:

  • avoid penalties and/or late fees
  • minimize and/or eliminate finance charges
  • maintain favorable credit ratings

Ultimately, well-managed AP helps companies secure the best possible terms with vendors and creditors, leading to increased profitability.

LWI has the discipline and expertise to identify cost savings opportunities and maintain and protect your financial reputation.


Our team of dedicated Anaheim bookkeepers actively manages accounts receivables for small local businesses. We work to ensure regular and timely invoice processing and collections. This helps to identify and reduce the risk of bad debt and potential cash flow shortfalls.


Unfortunately, even the best financial transaction/journaling processes and systems produce a few errors and/or inefficiencies. To address this inherent shortcoming, we stress the importance of regular account statement, balance sheet and AP/AR reconciliations.

In an ideal world, these reviews are performed by third-party consultants who can verify their accuracy and integrity. LWI bookkeeping staff prides itself on the objective review and reconciliation services that we provide. They deliver both the transparency and much-needed checks and balances that every financial system requires.


Balance sheet and P&L reviews are powerful tools for identifying:

  • accounts payable/receivable trends
  • sales forecast integrity
  • budget effectiveness
  • financial strengths/weaknesses

LWI’s impartial, third-party balance sheet and profit and loss review services deliver a quick and unbiased snapshot of our clients’ financial health. They also provide invaluable financial oversight and operational perspective.

Contact us today to schedule a free review of your bookkeeping needs – 866-496-2042.

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