Anaheim Accounting Services

Successful businesses need timely and informative reports to make good operational decisions. This information is pulled from and relies on accurate financial records and a thorough knowledge of the organization and analysis of this data. Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the financial resources to employ staff with the necessary skills and expertise. We recognize this challenge and offer specialized local Anaheim Accounting Services to small-to-medium business in our communities.

We offer completely ala carte accounting services. This allows clients the opportunity to:

  • select and deploy the ideal accounting software system
  • develop realistic and manageable budgets
  • establish accurate sales forecasts
  • identify and protect cashflow expectations and more

All of our services are billed by the hour. There are no unnecessary retainers or bloated charges. This helps us to maintain solutions that are both affordable and effective for nearly any organization.

Our accountants and C-level professionals have years of combined industry experience. This repeated exposure to different business environments and financial circumstances has equipped them with the skills required for specialized insight and financial guidance.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is used to deliver valuable financial information to managers, owners and investors. It assists in the evaluation and communication of the company’s true financial position.

As it relates to financial accounting, LWI’s accounting team focuses on documenting each financial transaction. We then supply that data to investors, creditors, vendors, etc. via financial reports. Through the application of GAAP financial accounting and reporting standards, we are able to create clear and informative financial documents, including:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Cashflow statements
  • Statements of retained earnings

Management Accounting

Management accounting is used to analyze, understand and communicate financial data to key management personnel. This provides ongoing real-time insight into business performance.

Our future-focused management accounting services deliver thorough analysis and preparation of financial data in the form of helpful financial reports. These reports enable management to make more effective business decisions.

Typical management accounting documents focus on risk, strategy and performance evaluation and planning. These include:

  • Price models
  • Break-even/profitability analysis
  • Operating budgets
  • Sales forecasts
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cost–benefit analysis
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Cost allocation


Budgets are another critical building block of solid financial management solutions. We utilize a rigorous process at LWI to define and introduce budgeting strategies to our clients.

Using industry benchmarks, legacy data exposure and years of experience, LWI accountants are able to identify and set realistic base amounts. We are able to implement trustworthy models and work closely with key stakeholders to measure and adjust throughout the annual cycles.


Forecasting can be especially challenging for startups and newer businesses in emerging “niche” markets. This is due to a lack of historic data and limited exposure to real-life scenarios.

LWI helps companies establish practical income targets, acceptable expense levels and profit/loss lines.  Our moment-in-time forecasting checkpoints allow everyone to adjust and correct course before the effects of shortfalls are evident. Our accountants have great respect for the power and usefulness of solid forecasting tools and practices. We consider them a critical part of any worthy financial management system.

Cash Flow Management

While it may seem cliche to say that cash flow is the life’s blood of any company, it holds very true. The careful projection and management of this critical corporate resource can literally be the difference between success and failure.

Fortunately, practical forecasting and budget management can help to ensure there are few or no financial shortfalls (and/or surpluses). In addition, identifying the contingencies and warning levels work to further ensure proper access to daily cash flow.

For more than a decade, we’ve helped our clients to identify and utilize proper cash flow procedures and tools to ensure long-term viability.

Accounting Information Systems

Solid record keeping requires a solid and complete accounting software solution. Considering the incredible number of accounting system options on the market today, it’s not surprising that many of the businesses we work with are unsure of:

  • their current system
  • its future capabilities
  • which solution will fit them best for the long-term

Because of this market confusion, the costs and impact of choosing the wrong system and the importance of seamless system expansion and growth, we’ve taken the time to identify, research and partner with a few select accounting system providers that we feel are most ideally suited for the needs of our client. As we begin to work with new clients, we carefully evaluate their industry, company size and unique financial and operational goals. Then we utilize our multi-industry experience and selective vendor relationships to design and implement a complete solution that can meet short-term needs as well as expand to meet long-term potential.

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